McKillop SDLP candidate in East Antrim

Margaret Anne McKillop
Margaret Anne McKillop

The SDLP has announced its East Antrim candidate in the Westminster election.

Margaret Anne McKillop will contest the seat currently held by DUP MP Sammy Wilson.

SDLP leader Colum Eastwood said that “the best way to fight a hard Brexit, a hard border and even harder austerity is to vote for SDLP candidates who will take the fight to the Tories”.

He added: “This election is about Brexit. Theresa May is seeking a mandate for a hard Brexit, a hard border and even harsher austerity. If she wants to reinforce the referendum result, then let’s do that. Let’s send the strongest team of pro-Europe MPs to Westminster to represent the will of our people and take on the Tories.

“We need MPs who will take a stand against the Tory elite. That means taking your seat and voting against them.

“The SDLP has the longest and the strongest pro-Europe record of any party on these islands. Europe is in our political DNA. We are in the strongest position to make a difference as part of a strong coalition of SNP, Labour, Plaid Cymru and Green MPs.

“The choice in June is clear - it’s pro Brexit MPs, absentee MPs, or a strong anti-Brexit coalition. On June 8, vote to take on the Tories. Vote SDLP.”