McKillop reaffirms pro-life stance

Margaret Anne McKillop
Margaret Anne McKillop

The SDLP Candidate for East Antrim has responded to a leaflet distributed by pro-life group, Precious Life.

Margaret Anne McKillop said: “The leaflet ‘Your Vote Matters’ calls on voters to bombard candidates by phone, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or by calling into their offices with one question: ‘If elected will you defend the right to life of all unborn children?’

“My answer is unequivocal. Yes, in all circumstances I will protect the life of every child and will not make an exception even if the child is deemed to be disabled. I left Sinn Fein because of their stance on this issue because I could not see how that party could play any meaningful role in creating a society where justice would be the prerogative of all our citizens and especially those deemed when born to have life-limiting disabilities.

“The SDLP doesn’t just claim to be a pro-life party. It is a pro-life party and that is why I am very happy to represent the party in this Assembly election.”