Masonic lodge fundraiser to help with children’s medical costs in Holland

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St Patrick’s Masonic (Carrickfergus) Lodge 43 is holding a series of fundraising events to raise money for Noah and Gracie Coates.

The lodge is aiming to raise £1,000 to help with their medical costs.

Noah and his sister Gracie have been diagnosed with Vanishing White Matter Disease, a form of Leukodsytrophy, which is a rare, life-limiting condition that affects the white matter on the brain.

They are the only two children living in Northern Ireland with Vanishing White Matter Disease and have to travel for treatment in Holland.

A fundraising dinner dance will be held in the Masonic Centre, Carrick, on Friday June 9.

It will begin with a threecourse meal followed by live band entertainment by a young group ALS, providing music from the 70s to present.

Guests are invited to come along at 7.45 pm for dinner at 8.00pm. Tickets cost £20.00 per head or come along after 9.00pm for the dance only, £5.00 per head. Contact 07817 203585 or 077735 66803 for further information.