‘Make rural crime a higher priority’ say East Antrim politicians

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Elected representatives have asked police to make rural crime a “higher priority” in the area’s policing plan during a recent meeting.

DUP MP Sammy Wilson and MLA Gordon Lyons say that rural crime “seems to be on the increase in the area” and is costing farmers “hundreds of thousands of pounds.”

In a statement, the elected representatives said that they had “pressed the police to carry out more operations” to disrupt criminals’ activities and “to take a more pro-active approach in searching their premises, watching their movements, monitoring their vehicles.”

“Despite taking steps to try and secure their properties such as locking sheds, putting up CCTV cameras, installing alarms etc the burglaries are still continuing,” the statement added.

“The delegation called on the police to undertake more focused patrolling in the area, to increase the level of manpower and attention which was given to rural crime and for the matter to be given higher priority in the policing plan for the area.”

The statement added that there would be “ongoing discussions with the police to monitor progress in dealing with this very worrying problem which is costing farmers hundreds of thousands of pounds per year” and causing stress to farmers.