Letter to Carrick cousin tells of life at the Front

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland has been recalling Christmas at the Front, a century ago.

It has highlighted a letter which was sent from an Army captain to his cousin Amelia McCaughan. of Windmill Hill, in Carrick on Boxing Day 1916.

Stephen Scarth, Head of Public Services at PRONI, said: “In the aftermath of the Battle of the Somme, it is fitting that we also remember those who lived.

“This is a letter from Stephen Gwynn, an Irish Parliamentary MP, who was serving as a Captain with the 6th Connaught Rangers in the 16th (Irish) Division.”

The letter is part of the McCaughan family papers which are deposited with PRONI.

Mr. Scarth added: “This letter is also of interest for a number of reasons. Firstly, he describes relations between the friendly rapport between what is perceived as a largely nationalist 16th Division and the mainly unionist 36th Division.

“A priest had said Mass on Christmas morning in the open air to over 200 men.

“He also thanks Amelia for the food parcel he has received for Christmas. Food parcels at this time were prohibited by the Postal Service, however, the rule was frequently flaunted.

“Stephen Gwynn was a Protestant Nationalist politician who grew up in County Donegal. At the start of the war, he supported John Redmond’s call for Irish nationalists to enlist in Irish regiments and initially joined the 7th Leinster Regiment. He was one of five nationalist MPs who enlisted.” and served during the First World War, and took part in both the battles of the Somme in 1916 and Messines in 1917”.