Let’s aim to live each hour to the fullest

Church news
Church news

“I will hold you up and retain you.” Isa 41:10

Life’s not tied with a bow but it’s still a gift

Let’s retain a thankful spirit today

And aim to live each hour to the fullest

Willing to learn from what passes our way.

Endeavouring to seek for purpose, knowledge and plan

Aware that God has designed for you

The special thoughts that mean so much

To encourage and uplift others too.

His love is guiding and directing our steps

And holds a meaningful plan for your life

With blessing and peace beyond our comprehension

Releasing His goodness in time of strife.

In this light let’s keep moving forward

Though some things we fail to understand

No need to view things from a negative aspect

When securely upheld in His powerful hand.

Doreen Craig