Lara is environmental champion for NI Water

Lara Branagh, NI Water team member and environmental champion. INCT 36-703-CON
Lara Branagh, NI Water team member and environmental champion. INCT 36-703-CON

A Carrickfergus woman is taking on a new role in educating the public about water conservation.

NI Water team member and environmental champion, Lara Branagh will be out and about highlighting NI Water’s key initiatives in the coming months.

Each person in Northern Ireland uses approximately 155 litres of water each a day, much of which is wasted.

Lara is one of 17 champions who will be encouraging the public to “Use Water Wisely” by turning off the tap when brushing their teeth, having a shower instead of a bath and using a watering can, not a hose, when watering the garden.

When it comes to wastewater, the campaign is intended to raise awareness of the damage that can be caused by the flushing of inappropriate items down the sewerage network.

Lara is a primary school’s environmental champion focusing on bringing these important messages to pupils and their teachers on NI Water’s Waterbus. Other champions will concentrate on secondary schools or community groups.

Angela Halpenny, NI Water’s head of environmental regulation, explained: “We had a fantastic response from colleagues across the business keen to become environmental champions and play their part in contributing to improving the environment we live in for all to enjoy.

“The champions will be able to use their skills to influence and educate both children and adults across Northern Ireland, helping to spread far and wide the importance of saving water and not flushing inappropriate items down the toilet.

“This will not only improve services to NI Water customers, but will help to improve our natural environment on which we all depend.”

Schools or community group who would like a visit from an environmental champion can contact