Keep a sense of humour and soon your sorrows erase

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“The joy of the Lord is your strength.” NEH 8-10.

Some days have strange and mysterious moments,

Life is a mixture of laughter and pain

But if we determine to keep the upward look,

We’re sure to find the rainbow again.

Slow down and reflect upon the joyful moments,

The swift do not always win the race,

Dear grandma said “keep your sense of humour”

And soon your sorrows will erase.

But faith and hope weave something beautiful,

So many heart warming gifts are free,

A walk in the park, a chat with a friend

Help shorten the miles for you and me.

First lift your thoughts to the great Creator,

Thankful every detail He can see,

Mindful your strength is renewed each morning

With to grace to set your spirit free.

Doreen Craig.