Increasing anger over flooded underpass in Greenisland

Flooding at Greenisland underpass.  INCT 48-727-CON
Flooding at Greenisland underpass. INCT 48-727-CON

Greenisland residents have been expressing their anger over recurrent flooding at the Station Road underpass.

Earlier this week, heavy rain effectively cut off the pedestrian passageway under the railway line.

It’s a disgrace; been going on far too long now

Passageway user

Dozens of people took to Facebook to vent their anger, claiming floodwaters had made it difficult for schoolchildren and rail commuters to negotiate the route.

“It’s a disgrace; been going on far too long now,” one user commented.

Another added: “Me and my daughter waded through it yesterday - disgusting and an environmental hazard.”

Others claimed to have received “mixed messages” when attempting to contact the relevant authority over the situation.

Both DRD and DARD said that the issue did not fall under their remit with a spokesperson for NI Water indicating likewise, adding that an “undesignated water course is the problem”.

East Antrim MLA Stewart Dickson is seeking a multi-agency meeting with NI Water, DRD, DARD and Translink after being “inundated” with complaints.

“This is a very serious issue. It’s the only pedestrian route through Greenisland so it’s not just about access to the station,” he said.

“I’m seeking an urgent meeting with the four agencies to try and determine which has responsibility; there’s going to have to be major work done here.”