Local girl praised after saving toddler’s life

Becky Topping. INCT 46-802CON
Becky Topping. INCT 46-802CON

A young woman from Carrickfergus has received plaudits after she saved the life of a toddler in Belfast at the weekend.

Becky Topping was out with a friend in Belfast on Sunday, November 13, enjoying a frozen yoghurt at the Ann Street branch of ‘Spoon Street’.

The third year student nurse was seated close to a mother, who was in the dessert shop with her two-year-old son.

Becky realised something was wrong when the mother suddenly jumped up and started calling for help. The woman’s young son was choking on a chocolate button and his face was turning purple.

Without hesitation, Becky lifted the boy and slapped him on his back. He was then sick and the button which had been lodged in his airway came out.

The mother of the young boy tracked Becky down on Facebook to express her gratitude. She said: “Words can’t describe how thankful I am to you for saving my son’s life. You are truly an angel and I’ll be forever thankful.

“My son has made a full recovery and he is still his cheeky self. It has taken me a while to actually realise what’s happened. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t have been there. My little boy would have died, but you saved him.

“We love you so much and we will always be in your debt. Thanks xxx.”

Commenting on Facebook following the incident, a spokesperson for Spoon Street said: “Word of her heroic act has spread quickly throughout the three shops tonight. How quick Becky was to react and how well she handled the situation. We will all be very lucky to have you as a nurse when you qualify.”