Chance for carers to learn about dementia

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People caring for someone with dementia are being offered the chance to learn more about the condition and how it affects the individual.

The next in a series of courses run by the Alzheimer’s Society will take place at Carrick Town Hall, starting on Wednesday March 8.

The courses aim to help carers understand more about the condition and its symptoms, including the sort of behaviours that people may display which can at times be challenging.

Training aims to provide information and support on the following topics: what is dementia; legal and financial matters; learning to manage stress and coping techniques; communication skills; health, self-care and well-being.

Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Support Worker, Denise Bermingham says: “Relatives of people with dementia often say that it can be really frustrating when someone doesn’t want to change their clothes, have a shower or sleep at night, especially if the person doesn’t accept that there is anything wrong with them.

“Understanding how the person is trying to make sense of the world, and how they feel about the losses they are experiencing, can help relatives to be more patient and cope better.

“This, in turn, helps the person with dementia to be more content.

“During the course, carers get the chance to meet other carers. They can share their experiences and share their tips on dealing with certain situations. Carers appreciate meeting other people and finding out they are not on their own.

A carer who attended one of the new workshops recently said: “When I started my caring role I felt overwhelmed by the whole system and the various providers and their roles. At times it was very confusing and I was unsure of where to go for support.

Book a free place , ring Denise Bermingham on 07484 507205 or contact 028 9038 7480 or e-mail