He blesses with deep refreshing slumber

Church news
Church news

“Pray unto Me and I will hearken unto you.” Jer 29:12

Each morn presents a brand new beginning

‘Tis good to pray and implant a song,

Thankful we are given fresh courage and wisdom

And the strength to press bravely on.

Though busy within the noon hour

Pause to give thanks for a moment or two

Mindful God observes and understands us

And blesses each effort too.

You’ll find when darkness of evening comes

How He’s been our strength and stay,

Later He blesses with deep refreshing slumber

Adds new strength for another day.

Mindful time will grant you a harvest

So should a day seem unbalanced or low

View it as making new furrows

Where new seedlings will blossom and grow.

- Doreen Craig