Grit boxes in Greenisland area

Icy conditions in Greenisland this week (image provided by local resident)
Icy conditions in Greenisland this week (image provided by local resident)

The Department for Infrastructure has issued a reminder over the locations of grit boxes in Greenisland.

It follows concerns from a local resident over an apparent lack of gritting in the area, particularly around pensioners’ homes, a care home, and a nearby primary school, following the recent cold snap.

DfI has previously stated that “when considering requests for the provision of a salt bin, officials carry out an evaluation using a criteria based system which takes into account various factors including topography, traffic volumes, road gradient and geometry, alternative routes, and also considers factors such as residential usage and community facilities including schools and care homes for the elderly."

Responding to the query, a DfI spokesperson indicated there are six grit boxes in the Greenisland area: at Shorelands, Moyard Gardens, Upper Station Road, Farm Lodge Road, Farm Lodge Grove, and Woodgrove.

“Glassillan Court was subject to a salt box assessment on January 15, 2018; however, it did not meet the required criteria,” the spokesperson added.

“In addition to the salt boxes listed, DfI also provides some salt for self-help, at the entrance to the council-owned Sullatober Recycling Centre in Carrickfergus.”