Grammar ‘will seek enrolment increase’ after exam success

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Carrick Grammar pupils are in a “strong position” to meet their goals after GCSE success in a broad range of subjects.

Principal Kieran Mulvenna said: “This is an exceptional year for the school with 62 percent of all grades achieved by pupils being at A* or A. Sspecial mention must be made of a stunning achievement by Simon Gregory and Emily Wilson, who both received a remarkable A* in all ten of their subjects.”

A grand total of nineteen pupils in the school scored an A grade or higher in every subject they took.

“The school has now risen firmly above the Northern Ireland Grammar School average for ensuring that pupils achieve seven or more GCSE qualifications at A*-C including English and Mathematics, and our overall pass rate sits at almost 99 percent,” Mr Mulvenna added.

“Every pupil in the school has achieved their essential qualification in English and the success rate in Mathematics also closely approaches 100 percent.

“Given the careers prospects available in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) it is vital that they flourish in our schools, and with a success rate of 99 percent we are confident that Carrickfergus Grammar School pupils are in a strong position to meet their future goals.

“We are also delighted to see that every pupil without exception has been successful in Information Technology, Business Studies, Child Development, Geography, English Language and Literature, French, Music, Technology, Spanish, Performing Arts and Physical Education.

“In an age when so many boys struggle to achieve I am delighted to report that the boys in Carrickfergus Grammar have more than proved that they can match our girls for ability and hard work – virtually all of our boys are now in a position to return to the school for A-level study.”

With so many pupils returning to Sixth Form and a large number of pupils from other schools also seeking enrolment, the school will be applying to the Department of Education for additional places to meet demand, Mr Mulvenna continued.

Meanwhile, the school is due to host a photocall for its high achievers tomorrow.