God on high can sense every worry

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“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” Psa 31: 24

Just as showers are needful for the flowers

So often our tears bring sweet release,

May we pray for inspiration and guidance

Stay our minds on the God of peace.

Fear not nor let your heart be troubled,

So many times in the Bible we’re told

And His word is just as strong today

As it was in days of old.

And when kept in mind, it’s refreshing to find

How they sustain us as we go,

Let’s be every thoughtful that God on high

Can sense every worry and woe.

Let’s be brave in our present circumstance,

Aware through it all we are safely kept,

If we can accept where we stand with thanks,

Then God will move us to the next step.

Doreen Craig