Future of MEA borough’s business awards discussed


Mid and East Antrim Borough Council’s Economic Growth and Development Committee has voted to contribute up to £6000 to each council district to fund their Business Awardsfor 2015/16.

Previously, Ballymena Chamber of Commerce had held annual business awards sponsored by the legacy council.

Carrickfergus had not held business award ceremonies for some time but had done so periodically in the past.

Larne ran business awards every two years, organised by the Larne Times, with the legacy Council contributing a small amount of money to the event.

At a meeting on April 21, the council committee voted to allow the “status quo” to remain while contributing a maximum of funding.

It also agreed to Ballymena Chamber of Commerce’s request that they hold Ballymena Business Awards and that Mid and East Antrim would be the principle sponsor at a cost of £5750.

Contact will be made with the Larne and Carrickfergus organisers to determine their position going forward.

In 2016/17, a review will be carried out of how these awards run in future. This will include looking at whether to continue to hold the awards separately or holding a joint business awards event for the three areas.

A report will then be brought back to Council.