Former classmates get back in touch for Grammar reunion

Carrick Grammar's class of '86.  INCT 19-730-CON
Carrick Grammar's class of '86. INCT 19-730-CON

Former students of Carrickfergus Grammar School are to be reunited for the first time in 30 years during an event next month.

Taking place on June 18 at Ownies Bistro in the town, the reunion hopes to bring together students and staff from the ‘Class of 86’.

Organiser Noel McKee began proceedings with an end-of-term photograph of the year group, with a request for former pupils to get in touch.

Following an enthusiastic response on social media, past pupils have been reconnecting from many corners of the globe - including Vancouver, Baltimore, the Channel Islands and Cyprus.

One former Carrickfergus Grammar student is even flying over from Glasgow to attend the reunion, Noel revealed.

For those who are unable to attend, a Whatsapp group and Facebook page are allowing the one-time classmates to share memories of their time at the North Road school.

“We are now approaching thirty people coming on the night and are still trying to get in touch with some teachers, especially our head of year John Moore,” he added.

“This has already brought so many of us into contact again, most of whom have never even spoken to each other in thirty years.

“Even those who can’t come on the night have been in touch and have been added into the group chat which has been different to say the least.

“I would appeal to anyone who started the Grammar in September 1979 to please get in touch as this event is not just open to sixth year, but to anyone in our Grammar school years right up to June 1986.”

Former pupils can get in touch via the Facebook page ‘Carrick Grammar class of 86’, as well as a webpage accessible through the Carrick Grammar homepage.

Contact can be made using the email address

Meanwhile, feedback is being welcomed over what format the reunion evening will take.

Former pupils and staff are also invited to share any old photographs they may have of their time at the school.

The Grammar reunion will take place on Saturday, June 18 at 8:30pm at Ownies, 16-18 Joymount, Carrickfergus.

All pupils and teachers from the year are welcome to attend.