Food for thought with Eden ‘recovery’ group

Eden Community Centre. INCT 14-028-PSB
Eden Community Centre. INCT 14-028-PSB

A new meeting of the voluntary group ‘Overeaters Anonymous’ has commenced in Eden Community Centre.

The hour-long session, which begins at 10.30 am each Saturday, specialises in offering help and support to those struggling with food and weight issues.

Roisin W., the chairperson of the group, says that during her time attending OA meetings in Belfast, she saw many people overcome their compulsive food behaviours to find a much happier and more contented life.

She said: “We must remember, in extreme cases overeating can cause severe health problems up to and including death, it’s also a miserable way to live. OA offers people the tools to develop a normal and healthy relationship with food and ultimately a much more satisfying life. I set up this group so people in Carrickfergus would get a chance to access this excellent programme.

“Many people eat for emotional reasons and OA offers tools to help them stop this destructive behaviour and deal with their fear, stress and anxiety in more positive and less damaging ways.”

OA, the chairperson added, charges no dues or fees, members just pay a small contribution to cover costs like room rent.

“It really is just about those who have overcome their compulsive food behaviours, helping new members find recovery.”

Overeaters Anonymous is a worldwide organisation that offers help to people who have problem relationships with food. For more information on OA click or contact Roisin on 07842417497