Family raising funds towards top prosthetic for Ross

Ross Davidson with his dad, Andrew at the Royal Victoria Hospital.  INCT 04-732-CON
Ross Davidson with his dad, Andrew at the Royal Victoria Hospital. INCT 04-732-CON

The family of a young Carrick man who was injured on holiday are hoping to raise enough money to buy him a top-of-the-line prosthetic leg.

Ross Davidson, 23, was seriously hurt in a motorbike accident in Thailand last December, resulting in an above knee amputation on his right leg.

Further complications arose when one of his two travel insurance policies refused to pay out over the incident.

Over £21,000 has been raised so far towards the local man’s medical bills following a campaign by friends and family.

“Ross caused quite a bit of damage to his leg when he fell off the motorbike,” said his dad, Andrew.

“He was unlucky that an infection set in quite quickly, and there was vascular damage as well which meant that blood wasn’t getting to the lower part of his leg.”

Since Ross’s transfer from a medical facility in Bangkok to the Royal Victoria Hospital earlier this month, the family is now focused on getting him mobile again.

“He’ll be in a wheelchair until he goes to Musgrave for rehab in four week's time, and once he’s there he’ll be fitted for a prosthetic, but in all likelihood it’ll be a very basic one,” Andrew said.

“It would be great to get the most up to date prosthetic that would allow him to continue to lead as normal and active a life as possible.

“We’re also hoping to get him a car and have it adapted so that he can still drive.”

And praising the generous response to fundraising for Ross so far, his dad added: “As a family, it’s unbelievable the support we’ve received. Aside from the JustGiving page, we got a £2000 donation from Henderson’s garage on the top road, where Ross used to work.

“We had ordered a bed for Ross from TJ Warehouse in Carrick; they insisted it was a donation and wouldn’t take any money for it, which was very nice of them.

“There are so many people even outside of the JustGiving page who have made donations; it’s just been fantastic.

“As for Ross himself, we’ve never met someone so positive in light of everything that’s happened. He isn’t someone to take things lying down and he just wants to get on with life.

“We know he’ll have good days and bad days, but as long as he has support and people around him, he will be fine.

“His life has changed, but all it has done is change direction.”

For more information, see the JustGiving page.