Ex-serviceman sends poppy to FIFA

Jim McCaw.
Jim McCaw.

A local political representative has posted his poppy to FIFA to show his opposition to the recent stance taken by football’s governing body on Armistice Day.

Carrickfergus Progressive Unionist Party representative, Jim McCaw posted his poppy to FIFA to show his objection to a decision taken by football’s governing body surrounding the issue of players wearing poppies during matches held on November 11.

In a post on Facebook yesterday, the Carrick man said: “I always find it a shame to throw away my poppy after Remembrance Day. This year mine is going in an envelope and being posted to: FIFA, Strasse 20, PO Box 8044, Zurich, Switzerland.”

Speaking to the Times, Mr McCaw said: “FIFA said that the poppy is a political symbol, but it is not a political symbol. I served for 22 years and I feel the way the whole thing was handled was a disgrace.

“I posted my poppy yesterday. I feel it is a good way of showing displeasure at the way FIFA has gone about this. I don’t expect any response from them though.”

The PUP representative added: “A lot of people have contacted me and have said they will also be posting their poppy to FIFA.

“I believe that the IFA should have let players have a poppy on an armband or on their shirt in the same way England and Scotland did.”

Northern Ireland players wore black armbands during their World Cup 2018 qualifier with Azerbaijan on Friday, November 11. A poppy display took place in the stand before kick-off at the National Stadium, Windsor Park.

FIFA confirmed it would open disciplinary proceedings against Northern Ireland and Wales in relation to the display of poppy symbols during their recent internationals.