Ballycarry pupils hear of the day a wartime general opened their school

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Pupils of Ballycarry Primary School have heard about the day the school was officially opened by village general Sir James Steele.

Primary 4, 5, 6 and 7 pupils welcomed Mrs Valerie Beattie, chair of the local community association, and Dr David Hume, chairman of the General Sir James Steele Trust Fund as their guests at the school.

Mrs Beattie recalled how she had been selected as a pupil to read a poem for General Steele when he came to officially open the school in 1953.

Pupils heard of the excitement and anticipation at the time and Mrs Beattie showed a photograph of her and the general in the foyer of the school.

Dr Hume outlined the wartime career and military service of the Ballycarry general and said he was a great role model for the community, combining great achievements with a modesty which belied his importance when he came back to visit the village.

The visit was a follow on to the recent support given to the school by the General Steele Trust Fund, which will be sponsoring an annual school trip.

The pair were thanked for coming along by Mrs. Gloria Trueick, principal of the school, who said the

event had been very informative and educational for the children.