Eden Primary pupil’s fundraiser for Little Princess Trust

After: Coda Robinson.
After: Coda Robinson.

Seven-year-old Carrick schoolgirl Coda Robinson has raised £250 for the Little Princess Trust.

The Eden Primary pupil had nine inches cut off her long hair and styled into a shorter length bob.

Before: Coda Robinson.

Before: Coda Robinson.

Now the hair which has been given the chop has been plaited to send to the charity which produces wigs for children who have lost hair due to cancer treatment.

Mum Christy said: “Coda and I had a chat a few weeks ago about how lucky she is to have such beautiful hair as some little kids get very sick and lose theirs. She came to me last week with the idea to get all her hair cut off and give it to those kids She had it cut last Saturday.

“I am so proud of her for coming up with the idea.”

Not only has Coda taken the plunge for the Little Princess, she has also been fundraising, with collection boxes at Eden Primary and K-Kutz Hair in Carrick where she had her hair cut.

Donations can also be made though Coda’s fundraiser for the Little Princess Trust Facebook page.

The Little Princess Trust, founded in memory offive-year-old Hannah Tarplee, supplies the best real-hair wigs available, free of charge, to children and young people up to the age of 24, who have lost their hair through cancer treatment or other illnesses.

Last year, the Little Princess Trust charity received a hair donation from the Duchess of Cambridge.

The charity requires between seven and ten individual donations to make a single wig.

Monica Glass, charity manager said: “We are so very grateful to every single person who kindly supports the charity in this way. Receiving a free, real hair wig has a very positive impact on a child or young adult at such a difficult time. We hope that this donation will encourage others to consider supporting the charity in the same way.”