Eden petition presented to council

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A petition to bring a children’s play park facility to the Eden area has been presented to Mid and East Antrim Borough Council’s Operational Committee.

The petition, set up by local schoolgirls Katelyn Ramsey and Brooke Smith during the summer, attracted over 200 signatures and was presented by Councillor Jim Brown.

It followed a council report which outlined that despite having one of the highest numbers of 0-15 year olds in the borough, Eden had no play park provision.

Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Cheryl Johnston said there was a “clear lack of facilities for young people” in Eden.

“As a previous resident and employee of the area I strongly support the development of a playpark for this area and will continue to pursue this on behalf of my constituents,” she added.

Cllr Johnston also called for the crime prevention strategy ‘designing out crime’ to be taken into consideration as a proactive method to reduce anti-social behaviour in the area.

Meanwhile, Mid and East Antrim Council is examining an overall strategy for play park provision across the borough.