East and South Antrim vote to leave the EU

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A majority of East and South Antrim residents voted to leave the European Union in yesterday’s referendum, the Electoral Office has revealed.

In East Antrim, 41,564 ballot papers were counted, with 18,616 voting to remain and 22,929 voting to leave the European union. 19 ballot papers were rejected.

This means that 45 per cent of those who voted in East Antrim opted to remain in the EU, with 55 per cent voting to leave.

Out of an elighible East Antrim electorate of 63,997, turnout stood at nearly 65 per cent.

Meanwhile, in South Antrim, 43,563 ballot papers were counted, with 21,498 voters opting to remain and 22,055 voting to leave the EU.

10 ballot papers were rejected.

In total, 49 per cent of South Antrim voters opted to remain, while 51 per cent chose to vote leave.

The elighible South Antrim electorate was 69,015, with turnout equating to 63.12 per cent.