Don’t count the years, count the blessings

Church news
Church news

“He who has begun a good work within you will continue until the day of Christ.”

Phil 1-6

You’ll never grow old if you have a goal

Seek for courage when life is unkind

Hold on to the sweet and precious memories

Allow them to linger in your mind.

Don’t count the years but count the blessings
As the old hymn says, one by one

And so many more you’ll uncover

Before the setting of the sun.

Remember you had a Shepherd to guide you

Empower and strengthen you in each test

So come what may throughout the day

Every change will be one for the best.

Yes, it’s grand to report on the sunny hours

Though the garden no longer glows.

Yet the cold that destroyed so many flowers

Has beautified the crimson rose.

Doreen Craig.