Cyclist to undergo surgery after horror crash

The incident occurred on June 5. Police image.
The incident occurred on June 5. Police image.

A young mountain biker is set to undergo surgery today after a crash which left her with a snapped pelvis.

Shannon-Claire from Carrickfergus snapped the back of her pelvis and sustained a break to the front of her pelvis after a collision with a tree in Woodburn Forest on Tuesday evening.

A police spokesperson said: “It took over two hours for emergency services to reach her, a rescue hampered not only by the terrain but the lack of mobile signal to pinpoint her location.

“Shannon was eventually found and extracted from the forest to the Royal Victoria Hospital where she is being treated.

“The road to recovery will be slow, taking around six to 12 weeks.”

Shannon and her family would like to extend their sincere thanks to all the emergency services and those who helped Shannon in her time of need.

Her family said: “Special thanks go to the NI Fire and Rescue Service and the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service for their tireless professionalism.”