Cycle lane plans ‘detrimental’ to roads maintenance - Brown

Alderman Jim Brown (file photo)
Alderman Jim Brown (file photo)

A £200k investment into a new cycle lane in Carrick could have been better spent on road and footpath maintenance, a local councillor has suggested.

TransportNI are proposing the shared cycle path at Prince Andrew Way, Carrickfergus from North Road to the Broadlands development.

The transport authority wrote to the local borough council last month to recommend proceeding with legislation in regards to the route.

Speaking at last Monday evening’s meeting of the Chief Executive’s Office, however, Alderman Jim Brown suggested maintenance was a higher priority for the town.

“When I look around this town and see the state of the existing paths and roadways, I have reservations about the department spending additional monies on items which are not currently there, but which are being provided at the detriment of existing facilities that need to be repaired,” he said.

However, the transport body’s recommendation was supported by Councillor Andrew Wilson, who said: “The £200k was identified [by DRD] for a cycle way and I am glad that Carrickfergus got it and not somewhere else.”

Seconding Cllr Wilson’s proposal was Cllr Billy Ashe, who said: “We are falling badly behind with cycle lanes.”