‘This community deserves rule of law, not law of the jungle’ - Beggs

Ulster Unionist MLA Roy Beggs. INCT 17-704-CON
Ulster Unionist MLA Roy Beggs. INCT 17-704-CON

Ulster Unionist MLA Roy Beggs has called for ‘the rule of law not the law of the jungle’ following a shooting and a vicious assault in Carrick within just two days.

In a statement, Mr. Beggs said: “There has also been an arrogance shown by individuals in the attack at the Royal Oak adjacent to the town’s part-time police station and by those involved in the day time attempted murder in the Pinewood area of Carrickfergus, close to primary schools.

“Following the life-threatening attack at the Royal Oak Bar and then the attempted murder in the Woodburn area, it is clear that additional specialist police resources are required to address organised crime in Carrickfergus.

“The South East Antrim UDA factions are further disadvantaging several disadvantaged communities. Community activity to improve the Castlemara area for example has come to an end, yet help is needed. The feuding has left individuals and families in fear and needs in the community not being addressed.

“Drugs are ruining lives whilst some grow rich and enjoy the power they can exercise through their paramilitary structure and their organised crime.

“I again am calling for additional undercover surveillance and specialist police financial expertise to follow the money that is being generated by drug dealing and other illegal activity. Where is the additional policing support to address paramilitarism promised by the Fresh Start Agreement?

“I would urge this to be a turning point for Carrickfergus. The PSNI need information to hold those responsible to account. The public can help by speaking the police directly or by giving information to the Crimestoppers confidential service on 0800 555111. Now is the time to act and help to change Carrickfergus.”