PSNI detained for six hours at hospital

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PSNI Carrickfergus has provided a “snapshot” of policing in Carrick and Larne.

The account relates to a 24-hour period, from 7.00 am on Friday morning until 7.00 am, on Saturday.

Police have reported a total of 52 recorded incidents.

These were five arrests; two house searches; two missing persons; six safety concern calls; eight anti-social behaviour calls; two frauds; one theft and one criminal damage.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Each call takes a varying length of time to deal with.

“By example, one of the arrests required the detained person to be taken to hospital for treatment prior to going to custody.”

He explained that this task required the involvement of a crew of officers for six hours.

The spokesperson continued: “ This list doesn’t include general daily tasks, follow-up enquiries our officers have from previous shifts.

“Between calls, the crews also conduct pro-active patrols aimed at speeding, anti-burglary and other community concerns.”

Meanwhile, the PSNI is concerned that local residents are not securing their cycling apps as required.

A spokesperson said: “This provides criminals with opportunities to readily access high end cycles.

“Please ensure you have activated your enhanced privacy on your cycling apps.”

He went on to say that further advice can be provided by your local crime prevention officer.

The PSNI is offering cyclists the opportunity to have their bikes security marked and registered.

To get your bike security marked and registered, call your local crime prevention Officer on the non-emergency number 101.

They will then agree a suitable time with you to call into a police station to have your bike security marked and registered.