PSNI Carrickfergus issue fraud alert - residents urged to be wary of 'unknown persons'

The PSNI issued the alert on Wednesday morning.
The PSNI issued the alert on Wednesday morning.

PSNI in Carrickfergus have issued a fraud alert after receiving reports of "unknown persons" attempting to defraud people living in Northern Ireland.

"On December 18 we received a report from a member of the public that unknown persons set up various accounts in their name," said the PSNI.

"These unknown persons had knowledge of the reporting persons address. Luckily the companies involved were quick to act. Be careful what personal information you share online for example on your social media accounts."

The PSNI went on to say they received a second report of someone posing as a BT employee.

"Also on December 18 an unknown person called a member of the public claiming to work for BT stating their computer had been hacked," said the police.

"The member of the public allowed this unknown person remote access to her computer and was able to access their online banking and remove money from this account. This is not regular practice for companies like BT so never permit any unknown persons remote access to your computer."

For more information visit the Action Fraud website.