Pensioners’ car attacked at Carrick cemetery

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Two elderly women had their car attacked and a handbag stolen as they visited Victoria Cemetery, in Carrick, on Saturday afternoon.

The pensioners had been visiting the graveyard at 3.25 pm when the theft occurred.

The ladies had been visiting the grave of a loved one when they heard the sound of breaking glass.

When they returned to their vehicle, they discovered that a rock had smashed a window of their car and a handbag had been stolen from inside the vehicle.

A police spokesperson said: “We believe the two suspects ran out of the cemetery onto Victoria Road.”

However, police say that they do not know in which direction they fled afterwards.

The spokesperson continued: “This is completely unacceptable and has left these two elderly ladies traumatised.

“If anyone has any information on the two individuals responsible, please contact 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, quoting incident number 688 of 04/03/2017.”