Four people arrested following burglaries

Police in Mid and East Antrim have made four arrests after burglaries in the borough.

Officers took to social media this afternoon to call on residents to be vigilant.

Four arrests were made.

Four arrests were made.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “In the past 24 hours police have made four arrests for burglaries in the Mid and East Antrim area.

“Police would like to remind people to be vigilant with regards to their personal and home security. If you see anything suspicious, please do not hesitate to contact police.

“Please be aware of people calling to your door pertaining to be carrying out work. Always ask for identification. Do not give your private information to anyone.

“In particular, do not give any personal information to unconfirmed callers by either phone or email. People continue to try and exploit the most vulnerable in our community. Keep yourself and those close to you safe and continue to lookout for each other.”