Drink drivers apprehended in east Antrim

Police arrested two drink drivers during operations in east Antrim over the weekend.

Detailing the incidents in a post on social media in the early hours of Saturday, August 24, a PSNI spokesperson said: “We all love a good night out - but we want everyone to continue to get home safe.

Two drivers were apprehended.

Two drivers were apprehended.

“Whilst some of A section were conducting a vehicle check point with E section, one arrest was made for drink driving offences. After that arrest was made, we hopped back in our car and decided to go on mobile patrol and within a minute we stumble upon our next client for chateau custody for drink driving offences!

“I’m making light of the situation, but in all honesty I wish I never saw a drink driver again. Not only is your life at risk, but so is everyone else’s!”