Council to spend £8k on rebranding signs

The agreed design for boundary signage.  INCT 27-739-CON
The agreed design for boundary signage. INCT 27-739-CON

Almost £8000 is to be spent on replacing boundary signage from the three legacy council areas within Mid and East Antrim.

The move is as part of the process to create a new brand identity for the supercouncil.

The local government authority previously agreed to a implement the plan in stages, with the initial phase focusing on signage, vehicle livery and promotional items.

In a report presented at last Monday night’s monthly meeting, members were told: “[The council] has been left with a legacy of signage in various formats throughout the new borough.

“An audit of boundary, town and village signs has been completed in order to determine an initial venture into replacement signage.”

A proposal to erect a total of 25 new boundary signs to welcome motorists and visitors into the borough was agreed.

Coloured white with navy text, the new design will mirror the shape of the old Ballymena council signs.

A council spokesperson said: “As many of the current signs are in good structural condition, it was agreed that vinyl overlays would be used over the existing road sign stock.

“The estimated cost is approximately £7,980 and work is due to commence in the next month.”

The vinyl overlays were noted to have a lifespan of up to five years. Their use would allow for a budget to be created for new replacement signs further down the line, the report added.

Meanwhile, a proposal to erect an additional ‘Welcome’ sign within the Larne Harbour area aims to “maximise and promote the brand to visitors arising on the ferry services”, members were told. The exact siting of this boundary sign is still to be determined.

Councillors were then asked to consider how the rebranding would be reflected at the main civic buildings and leisure facilities in the borough, as well as on town and village signs.

At the meeting, agreement was also reached on a recommendation to produce temporary car park signage.