Central Bar promising safe haven from Storm Ophelia

The Central Bar, Carrickfergus.
The Central Bar, Carrickfergus.

The kind-hearted team at The Central Bar in Carrickfergus are promising to keep their doors open today as a place of refuge for those affected by Storm Ophelia.

With the storm expected to hit later this afternoon, and winds of up to 80mph predicted, Robert from the Central Bar explained that the bar will be open as a safe point.

Posting on the bar’s Facebook page, Robert said: “So no one knows how bad this is gonna be, and it kicks off on my shift.

“If you live alone and are a little bit apprehensive come down to the bar we will sit it out together.

“If your electric goes out and you need hot water for babies or the kids come down and I will supply tea and coffee free.

“If you are homeless in the area at this time our doors are open for shelter and heat no questions asked.

“If you get caught in it and can’t get home use us as a safe point we will try and get you home.

“I will stay all night if need be, but above all be safe, it may amount to nothing but better being prepared.”