Carrickfergus mum to launch new Slimming World group

Diane Oliver before and after her three stone weight loss.  INCT 51-731-CON/INCT 51-732-CON
Diane Oliver before and after her three stone weight loss. INCT 51-731-CON/INCT 51-732-CON

A Carrickfergus woman is using her weight loss story to inspire others as she starts her own Slimming World group later this month.

Diane Oliver, a nurse, lost over three stone in just over a year with the weight management plan.

The young mum is now looking forward to becoming a Slimming World consultant just in time for the New Year.

In the past, Diane had tried other slimming methods, which were often fad diets with the promise of quick weight loss. However, she found them too restrictive and struggled to lose weight, leaving her ravenous with hunger.

Slowly but surely, her weight kept creeping up, especially when she found out she was expecting a baby in 2013. All diets went out the window and the weight piled on.

Diane’s turning point happened when she was shopping for clothes and not even a size 20 trouser would fit.

That’s when she knew something had to change and lose weight once and for all.

Diane dreamt of being able to join in activities with her new son and finishing a 12 hour shift as a paediatric nurse without her legs aching in pain.

“I always had great intentions with being good and thought I knew how to eat healthily and in the mindset of cutting back helps you lose weight,” Diane said.

“But I was in a vicious circle of hating how I looked and comfort eating with the wrong foods to make myself feel better.

“But now that I have gained so much confidence and knowledge from losing weight with Slimming World, I want to help others achieve the same.”

Earlier this month, Professor Dame Sally Davies, chief medical officer for England, published her Annual Report.

The document indicated that obesity should be included in the government’s national risk planning and suggested that a key time to talk to women about their weight is when they start to plan a family and during pregnancy.

Diane’s Slimming World group will be held at Barn Social Club, Prince William Way, every Monday at 7.30pm from December 28.

For more information or to join the group, either pop along on the 28th or call her on 07741765705.