‘Carrickfergus Library is an invaluable resource’ - Lyons

Carrick Library. INCT 31-082-tc
Carrick Library. INCT 31-082-tc
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East Antrim MLA Gordon Lyons has added his voice to the chorus of approval for the extra £225k which prevents planned cuts in library opening hours being implemented.

Commenting on the Communities Minister’s recent announcement, Mr Lyons said: “Carrickfergus Library is a vital amenity and an invaluable resource for many in the local community. Libraries play an enormous role in our communities, through the development of practical skills and social mobility.

“The retention of the current opening hours is a victory for local people and organisations who campaigned to have services maintained at their current level. I’m delighted that my colleague, Minister Givan, has taken on board the views of local people and ensured that the library is accessible and utilised by providing funding to keep the current opening hours.”