Carrick remembers ‘costly Battle for the Hitler Line’

Members of the North Irish Horse Association on parade. INCT 19-012-PSB
Members of the North Irish Horse Association on parade. INCT 19-012-PSB

B Sqn (North Irish Horse) Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry held their ‘Hitler Line’ commemoration in Carrick.

Those who made the ultimate sacrifice in a key battle of the Second World War were remembered during a wreath laying ceremony at the cenotaph and service at St Nicholas’ Church on Saturday, May 21.

Led by the Band of the Royal Irish Regiment, 120 soldiers paraded the town with a salute taken at the Town Hall by the Lord Lieutenant for County Antrim, Joan Christie OBE and the Mayor of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, Councillor Billy Ashe.

Colonel R. R. Radford, CD, the Canadian attaché, attended as did Colonel Danny Kinahan MP, president of the North Irish Horse Regimental Association,

Cllr Ashe said: “This year is an important one marking many remembrances and celebrations, not least of which is the anniversary of the costly Battle for the Adolf Hitler Line. We already honoured B (North Irish Horse) Squadron with the granting of the first ever Freedom of the Borough.

“To formally recall how the unit’s Churchill tanks were so integral to the success of Operation Chesterfield by breaching the Adolf Hitler Line during the closing months of World War II was a timely reminder of the importance of service and sadly too, sacrifice, in protecting the freedom we enjoy today.”

The mayor went on to point out that the centenary of the Battle of the Somme will be commemorated at the Knockagh War Memorial on June 26 as well as with a parade and remembrance concert on July 1 in Carrick.