Carrick mum’s two month-wait for new windows

A Carrick woman has reacted angrily to a delay of almost two months for the replacement of two windows at her Housing Executive home.

Thursday, 14th March 2019, 11:51 am
Updated Thursday, 14th March 2019, 11:55 am
The Housing Executive office at High Street in Carrick.

Genna Ross, of Burleigh Drive, said that her flat has been left with boards since the windows were removed on January 25.

She said that as a result, she has been left with a dark and freezing cold home and her daughter Madison has been absent from school “four or five times” suffering from colds and a sore throat.

Genna explained that she understood that the replacement was to have been a “three week job”, but six weeks later, the windows have still not been installed.

She indicated that the work was undertaken as the windows did not shut properly.

Genna added: “It is very depressing. It is really getting me down. It is terrible.”

Cllr. Noel Jordan, who has been making inquiries on Genna’s behalf, said: “The Housing Executive told me there has been a problem with the manufacturer. I don’t understand why the windows were taken out when they did not have others to put in.”

A spokesperson for the Housing Executive said: “The Housing Executive has ordered custom-made sashes for this lady’s home, and our contractor is expecting delivery this week.

“As soon as the windows are received, arrangements will be made with the tenant to have the windows installed as quickly as possible.”