Carrick bus driver praises quick actionsof kind teenagers

A Carrick bus driver has praised the quick-thinking actions of two schoolboys who rushed to the aid of a pedestrian at Prince Andrew Way.

Monday, 29th April 2019, 5:13 pm
Updated Monday, 29th April 2019, 5:28 pm
Bus driver Stephen Pedlow.

Stephen Pedlow said that he stopped his bus to help the teenagers who rushed to the aid of a man who had fallen on the footpath.

Stephen said: “I saw two young fellas cross the road in front of me.

“By the time I got level, I saw them trying to heave the fella up. He was lying face down. I reversed the bus back up the street. They could not lift him up.

“I was able to get him on to his feet and asked him if he wanted an ambulance. He said he lived round the corner and the young boys were willing to take him.”

Stephen praised the pair for their kindness and the fact that they did not hesitate to lend a helping hand.

“I am hoping that their parents know what they did to help.

“Kids are always getting a bad name. These lads were doing a good deed.”

Stephen, who has been a bus driver for 11 years, added:“I wanted to let this man know that I saw these boys come to help him and it was very nice.”

He indicated that they may have been pupils of Carrickfergus Grammar School.

Recently, the man who was involved in the fall also praised the teenagers.

In a letter to the Times, he explained that he had been out for a walk for the first time since he had cancer surgery, eight weeks previously.

He said: “I was on Prince Andrew Way when I fell on my face and body. It was very quiet and I could not get to my feet. Two schoolboys (about 14 and 15 years) walking on the opposute side of the road came over and made an attempt to lift me. I am 16 stone, so they were struggling but a bus came by, and the driver witnessing the two boys attempt to get me on my feet stopped his bus and helped to get me vertical.

“The bus driver then very kindly said he would arrange an ambulance for me. However, I was only 300 yards from home and the two boys said they would assist me home which they did.

“I was fortunate that three citizens immediately came to my assistance with no hesitation. What a fine reflection on the people of this area.”