Call for removal of offensive graffiti aimed at MLA

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson.  INCT 41-758-CON
Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson. INCT 41-758-CON

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has said graffiti discovered in Carrick aimed at intimidating him will not succeed.

Mr Dickson was speaking after the PSNI alerted him to the offensive graffiti, which appeared in the Glenfield area after he spoke out against the flying of swastika flags in the town.

“Those behind this graffiti obviously thought they could intimidate me, but they won’t succeed,” he said.

“I will always speak up for what is right. Those behind this graffiti, or the flying of offensive flags in the town, do not represent the majority, who want Carrickfergus to remain an open and welcoming place and I will continue to give that majority a voice.

“This attack will not deter me in continuing to deliver a tolerant and respectful future for everyone across East Antrim.”

Meanwhile, a number of political representatives from the area have spoken out against the graffiti.

Fellow East Antrim Assemblyman Roy Beggs said: “British democratic values respect freedom of expression and oppose Nazi inspired attempted control of thinking and restriction of expression.

“I urge that those responsible will rethink their politics and remove their personalised, offensive graffiti.”

UUP party colleague, Mid and East Antrim councillor Andrew Wilson added: “I want to place on record my opposition to any graffiti aimed at a fellow democratically elected representative.”

In a statement, Carrick PUP said it did not condone graffiti recently daubed on wall in the area regarding the MLA and called on the “PUL (Protestant unionist loyalist) community to make their stand at the ballot box where it counts.”