Call for paramilitaries to ‘leave the stage’ after hoax alert in Carrick

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East Antrim MLA Roy Beggs has called for paramilitaries to “leave the stage” following a hoax alert in Carrickfergus earlier this week.

The incident happened in the Castlemara Drive area of the town on Tuesday evening.

Army Technical Officers examined a car at the scene; however, nothing untoward was found.

“A hoax bomb warning is a criminal act and such actions disrupt family and community life,” said Mr Beggs, a member of the Justice Committee.

“We all need the paramilitaries to leave the stage in order for communities to be free from the threat of violence. Almost 20 years after the ceasefires, why are paramilitary groups still active? We all need to rely on the police, the prosecution service and the courts for delivering justice rather than the law of the jungle.

“Going forward we need the police, with the support of credible information from the community, to address all forms of criminality including paramilitarism.”