Call for gritting on Hillhead Road

The car hit black ice on Hillhead  Road, Ballycarry.
The car hit black ice on Hillhead Road, Ballycarry.

A local woman is calling for the Hillhead Road in Ballycarry to be added to the winter gritting schedule.

Erica Porter Lutzman’s car struck black ice along the route last Friday morning.

“I managed to serve away from falling down into a field on the left. Unfortunately, I crashed into the adjacent bank and ditch but thankfully [I’m] ok,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Ironically the gritters arrived ten minutes later. They advised the road is not on their route but gritted it immediately and also around my car to help get it out.

“I was shocked when a local farmer informed me this is a bus route. I dread to think of the consequences of this and especially if other vehicles are about.

“I would like to say a massive thank you to the people of Ballycarry and beyond who stopped to help and show concern after I crashed my car. People came with ropes, chains, offers of help and managed to tow my car out of the ditch.”

Over the weekend, damage was caused to hedging and fencing at the boundaries of several properties, along with the wall and railed area at Magheramorne Orange Hall after a car flipped over in icy conditions, according to Mid and East Antrim councillor, Mark McKinty.

Cllr McKinty, who lives in the area, said he had requested an on-site meeting with Transport NI "to consider future options for the Hillhead and Ballypollard Road areas - in particular, to consider increased traffic volumes in recent years, possible special dispensation for gritting given the terrain of the route, and changes in conditions including leaks and drainage."