Blunder over carpet was due to cost Carrick council £2000

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A blunder over carpet in Carrick Leisure Centre had councillors concerned in September 1979.

Carpet which had been fitted in the cafe of the new Carrick Leisure Centre was found to be unsuitable for the eating area, and was set to be replaced by heavy duty tiles. The carpet was then to be re-laid in the weight training room.

Councillors were left shocked after it was projected that the cost of removing the carpet from the cafe, replacing it with the tiles and re-laying it was going to total over £2000.

Further concern was caused due to the fact that the council was unsure if the bill would have to be paid by its finance department.

Alliance Alderman Mrs Joan Tomlin said the council should have learnt from the mistakes made at the Valley Leisure Centre.

“I don’t know whose fault it was, but I do feel that somebody has been remiss. The same thing happened at the Valley and somebody should have had the sense to know that if it had happened there it would happen at the Carrick Centre too.”

Pool tables at the leisure centre were also taken out of action due to what some councillors described as “the nuisance of youths playing pool”.