‘Benefit fund’ offer by firm


Carrickfergus community projects could benefit from plans to build a solar farm in the borough.

The proposed development at Dobbs estate, which is being led by Lightsource Renewable Energy, could see the construction of a number of solar panels at the site.

In a statement, the firm said: “Lightsource believes that local communities hosting major renewable energy developments should be recognised for their contribution to meeting the UK’s need for secure cleaner forms of energy. As such, Lightsource is committed to providing a benefit fund which can be used for community projects or local organisations as they see fit. The offer is completely unconditional and [we are] keen to hear suggestions on where these funds could be put to good use.”

Meanwhile, Lighsource is aiming to utilise regional expertise before plans for the scheme are submitted for consideration.

The company is seeking in local residents to provide input into the initial design and planning; wildlife enthusiasts; residents with local knowledge which will help inform the route of daytime deliveries; security personnel; civil roadways experts; storage and logistics businesses; fencing experts; accommodation & food and beverage providers, and landscapers specialising in local/native species.

At the end of a solar farm’s working life, the installation can be pulled out of the soil and the entire area restored to ‘green field’ land.