Assembly candidate vows to continue campaign after election posters torn down

Margaret Anne McKillop
Margaret Anne McKillop

An Assembly candidate has criticised the “disgraceful” behaviour of those who tore down her election posters in Carrickfergus.

But East Antrim SDLP hopeful Margaret Anne McKillop has remained defiant that she will continue to canvass in the town.

“When the SDLP was formed John Hume promised the party would represent people in every part of the north and that is exactly what I am endeavouring to do,” Ms McKillop said.

“East Antrim isn’t exactly a panacea for nationalist politics but at least we should be allowed to participate in the election in exactly the same way as unionists do.

“Those who are acting in such a disgraceful way are unwittingly making a statement that this place is not a democracy, freedom of speech is prevented and we should get used to living in a totalitarian state.

“I would remind those who removed my posters and posted abuse on social media that I will not be cowing down to this and will continue to visit Carrickfergus, hold meetings there and bring my message of peace and goodwill to the doorsteps.”

She added: “The facts are that people across the divide are listening to me, welcome a fresh approach to politics because they are fed up with the empire building of the big parties who want to dominate ordinary people’s lives.

“East Antrim is like every other area of the north; it needs jobs, a better health service and the delivery of education on a basis where every child’s individual needs are met.

“Finally East Antrim needs normal politics where every political party has the right to campaign on the issues which are deemed important and ask for support of the electorate. That is exactly what I am doing, nothing more, nothing less.”