‘Arson attacks’ at Ellis Street

Kevin Shortt
Kevin Shortt

Police have confirmed they are investigating reports of arson attacks on vehicles in the Ellis Street area of Carrickfergus.

The probe follows concerns raised by a local couple, whose vehicle was targeted last July.

The residents, who did not wish to be named, told of how their camper van was completely destroyed during the overnight incident.

The vehicle had only recently been refurbished and the couple had planned to take it on holiday.

“The van was parked down the street from our house; someone had broken a window and set fire to the inside,” one of the residents said.

“By the time myself and my wife got up that morning it had already been towed away by the police.

“There were two gas canisters inside it; if they had gone up, they could have taken out half of Ellis Street.”

Two further residents of the area have since had their vehicles targeted in similar attacks, he alleged.

Expressing fear that there could be a “serial arsonist walking around Carrick”, the resident went on to say: “Something needs to be done about it.”

The homeowner continued that he had written to local police outlining his worries over the recurring incidents.

Confirming that the correspondence had been received, PSNI Chief Inspector Rosie Thompson said: “Since July last year, police in Carrickfergus have received three separate reports of vehicles being damaged in the Ellis Street area.

“We are investigating these incidents as arsons and I would appeal to anyone with any information to report this to local police on 101 or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800555111.”