Anti-theft billboards make a return to town centre

PCSP chairman Cllr Noel Williams at the billboard.  INCT 52-722-CON
PCSP chairman Cllr Noel Williams at the billboard. INCT 52-722-CON

An anti-theft billboard campaign has returned to key retail locations across Carrickfergus borough this festive season.

‘Willie Nickit’ is once again helping the Carrickfergus Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) and local police to launch their Christmas crime prevention campaign.

Involving crime prevention advertising at key locations across the town, the visual campaign is aimed at promoting personal safety when out shopping and at home.

Carrick PCSP chairman, Councillor Noel Williams, explained: “Each year the PCSP is very keen to remind people of the importance of staying safe and looking after your personal belongings.

“Even though crime is low, there are still people out there who will take every opportunity to help themselves to your belongings. The PCSP and the PSNI are working closely to inform you how to protect yourselves from characters like Willie Nickit.”

D District Community Safety Inspector Lyndsey Barr said: “Christmas shopping season is in full swing and this is the time of the year that burglars will attempt to steal whatever you have bought for your loved ones. No one wants to wake up on Christmas morning with no presents to give or receive because an unlocked door or open window made their home an easy target. This campaign is a reminder to keep your belongings safe at home and when you are out and about shopping and driving. Don’t make life easy for the burglar; it just makes life hard for you.”

Cllr Williams added:“This is a very magical time of year but also a time of crisis for many people. We would encourage you to stay safe and check on people who you know may be vulnerable. With your help we can work to make Carrickfergus safer.”