Anti-social youths will be ‘taken to task’

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A task group has been set up to tackle anti-social behaviour among young people in Carrick.

The initiative is one of a number of measures being developed to tackle the issue.

A public meeting was held last Thursday evening to discuss concerns.

The event was organised by Sunnylands and Woodburn Community Development Group and attended by representatives from the PSNI, Policing Community Safety Partnership, business community, schools, council and parents.

Recently, the Times has highlighted concerns over anti-social behaviour which included under-age drinking and drug-taking among groups of young people boosted by teens travelling from outside the town.

Next month, a specially designated helpline will be set up for teenagers for emergency help if they get into difficulty whilst socialising at the weekend.

A spokesperson for Sunnylands and Woodburn Community Development Group, said: “We do not want to point the finger. We want to help them and make sure they stay safe.

“It is a small proportion who are involved but it has a big effect.”

Recently, police had to board a train in Greenisland where 70 youths were causing annoyance.

Currently, members of the Group, who will be manning the helpline to provide assistance, are being trained in a range of skills including first aid.

PCSP chairman Councillor Andrew Wilson said: “The Sunnylands and Woodburn Community Development Group should be commended for their proactive work in the community.”