Alarm raised over home computer scam after £1,000 stolen from Carrick woman

Scamwise NI is advising householders never to allow remote access to home computers after a Carrick woman had £1,000 stolen from her bank account.

The warning comes after the woman got a call from a “scammer” who claimed to be from her internet provider.

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Editorial Image

A spokesperson for Scamwise NI said: “He told her that her computer had been hacked but that he would fix it for her.

“She was on the phone with him for two hours and followed his instructions to give him access to her computer.

“Once he had this access he took over £1,000 from her bank account. This type of scam is becoming increasingly common.”

Criminals have been phoning claiming to be from BT saying that there’s something wrong with their computer or internet.

Scamwise NI stated: “Never allow remote access to any of your devices unless you are 100 per cent sure of the authenticity of the caller.”